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Duke Orthopaedics

Faith Christian Athletic Department strives to provide our athletes with quality care, treatment, and rehabilitation when athletes become injured. To help make this possible, FCS Athletic Dept. has partnered with Duke Orthopaedics to give our athletes the care and treatment they need to get back on the field/court. Duke Orthopaedics will see your athlete in a very timely manner when your appointment is set up through our Athletic Department. 

We have direct contact with the doctors at Duke and can send our athletes to see the right doctor.  Any injury ranging from wrist, elbow, knee, shoulder, calf, thigh, ankle, hip, etc. We also have contacts for neurologists, pulmonologist, spinal/back specialists, and more.

In addition to seeing our athletes, we will be more than happy to extend this opportunity out to Family and Friends if they are in need of an appointment for an injury.

Please call the FCS Athletic Department to set up an appointment or CLICK HERE to send an email to the Athletic Director.

CLICK HERE to read about our Team Doctor

CLICK HEREfor new patient Paper Work #1

CLICK HEREfor new patient Paper Work #2

CLICK HERE for directions to Duke Sports Medicine of Raleigh
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